Track the performance of your Facebook Fan Pages with Alerti!

We are thrilled to announce some major new features which will delight community managers who manage Facebook fan pages.

1. Advanced statistics to measure the performance of your fan pages

Create an alert with your fan page and you’ll see some graphs via the “Facebook Stats” Section which will show you :

  • How your number of fans is growing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • How many people are engaging with your content, as well as how many people are actually reached by the content you publish and how many hide your posts and never see what you publish

  • What type of content generates the most engagement

  • How many likes, comments, shares generate your Top Posts

  • Who are your Top Fans

These statistics let you analyze your fan pages’ performance in detail so that you can make powerful decisions based on what’s working and what’s not

You can also get these statistics for pages you do not administer, so for example, see what’s working on your competitors’ pages and benchmark against your competitors.

2. Complete fan page management from your Alerti account

  • Manage your collaborators permissions so that they can interact on Facebook without necessarily being an admin on the page on Facebook. You can control how they can interact by giving them specific permissions.
  • Schedule posts, answer to posts/comments from your fans and like and delete comments all from Alerti

These features are available with Alerti Enterprise. Feel free to try them out and let us know what you think!

For more info, contact us at support(at), on twitter or facebook.

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