Alerti launches new Twitter analytics

We are thrilled to announce that we’re launching a new Twitter analytics module which will delight marketers who want to measure the performance of their brands on Twitter.

So what are these Twitter analytics which we’re launching?

1. Advanced analytics to measure the performance of your Twitter accounts

By adding your Twitter account to your alerti account you’ll be able to :

  • track your daily, weekly or monthly growth of followers and understand engagement trends and breakdown



  • know who your most followed or engaged followers are

To help you better understand who your followers are and identify those who interact with you the most the “Top Followers” chart lets your sort your followers by the number of tweets they’ve retweeted or the number of replies they sent you or by their number of followers, followings or Klout score.




  • know which tweets generate the most engagement

The “Top Tweets” chart lets you easily order your tweets by their number of retweets or favorites they generated.




2. Twitter analytics on specific keywords or hashtags

Want to identify the Twitter users who tweet the most about your brand? Or those who have the most influence? Or which tweets mentioning your brand have been retweeted the most?

By creating a Twitter alert on a keyword or hashtag you’ll know :

  • who are the most active or followed users on this keyword 

The Top Twitter Users chart lets your sort the Twitter users which have published tweets mentioning your brand by the number of tweets sent or by their number of followers or Klout score. You can this way quickly identify the most active or influential Twitter users tweeting about your brand or the keyword of your alert.




  • which tweets mentioning this keyword have been mentioned the most

The Top tweets lets you quickly identify the tweets mentioning your brand or the keyword of your alert which have been most mentionned on Twitter.




These new features are available with the Business and Enterprise versions of Alerti. If you’re already subscribed let us know what you think.

If you’d like to try it out, start your free-trial now! The first 30 days are free!




MaxCDN Chooses Alerti

Speeds Up Your WebsitesLaunched in 2009, MaxCDN is already one of the most popular content delivery systems (CDNs) available. They needed a social media monitoring tool to keep up with all the buzz and questions their huge growth has created all over the Internet.

We are happy to share that MaxCDN not only chose Alerti – they created a case study with their take on why they feel social media monitoring is important to their success and how they use Alerti.

“With Alerti, it takes less time to look for insights and run reports, and it enables us to have the whole company engage with social media.”
–David Henzel, MaxCDN VP of Marketing

How Alerti Benefits MaxCDN

  • Better Customer Support ~ Alerti allows MaxCDN to repond faster to questions about their service which increases customer satisfaction. Alerti monitors Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news, forums, and image and video sharing sites so no matter where customers or potential customers ask, Alerti users can respond quickly.
  • Increased Sales ~ MaxCDN’s sales team uses Alerti to generate leads and convert those leads into customers.
  • Facebook Marketing ~ By monitoring their own and their competitor’s Facebook pages, MaxCDN can increase interaction with their content – which is essential to getting Facebook to show your content to more of your fans.
  • Collaboration ~ MaxCDN has seen “a dramatic improvement in integrated communications responses and increases efficiency across the company.”

Why not check out the full MaxCDN Case Study for more details? Then sign up for your own Alerti account. You can test drive it free for 90 days if you use the Bonus Code AlertiVideo when you sign up here.



Google Local Search Improvements on iPad

Two trends to be aware of are the growing use of tablet devices to find local businesses and the growing use of mobile tablet devices. Google has rolled out improvements for Apple’s iPad tablet device. We discuss Google’s march into local search in this week’s Future of Engagement video:


Video highlights:

  • Great news for small local businesses
  • Why social media monitoring is critical for connecting with small local bloggers and sites to get local links to push them up in the Google local listings
  • With Apple and Google behind it, you need to make this trend a priority for your business

Instagram Web Pages Provide Additional Exposure

Instagram has announced profile pages for all their users. These Web pages display the photos you have shared, providing you with an additional method for reaching your customers and potential buyers.

This week on Future of Engagement we share additional tips for getting the most out of your Instagram account and new Web profile page.

Video Highlights:
  • Web pages look like Facebook (they own Instagram)
  • Your page will reach Instagrams 100 million users and anyone else online
  • Look for your profile and add the link to your Web site and social media profiles

You must have a smart phone (Android or iPhone) with the Instagram App installed on it to open an account and get your Web page. These profile pages are created automatically by Instragram. Any Internet user can view them.

Facebook Engagement Up 800% But It Will Cost You

Changes at Facebook have caused many brands to have less organic reach for what they share. In this episode of Future of Engagement we share what is going on:


Video Highlights:

  • Brand engagement up over 800%
  • Facebook earnings up according to new earnings statement
  • Fewer people will see your content organically
  • Most users can only reach 10-15% of even their current fans

What this means is you will have to pay if you want to reach new and even your current fans or you have to spend a lot of time learning to get your fans engaging more with your content.

These changes are causing huge controversy because some businesses that focused on growing a huge fan base on Facebook say the cost to reach those fans is far too high to be cost effective.

Using social media monitoring can assist you in determining what to share on Facebook and what people are most interested in. It can also enable you to find trends so you can get more attention on Facebook organically. Remembering to add alerts for these trends will allow you to measure how effective your efforts are.


Additional Facebook Stats

We are happy to announce we have just added more stats to our Facebook module that let you analyze, in detail, the demographics of your fan pages.

You can now see in a flash the distribution per country, age and gender of the following metrics for the period of your choice :

  • number of fans, new fans and people talking about it
  • number of users reached by the content you publish

On top of the global distribution you can also see how the main metrics of your pages evolve during a specific time frame for a detailed analysis of the progress made. Each type of statistics can be retrieved by country, age bracket and gender so you can analyze a specific geographic area or population segment.

These statistics are complementary to the ones we launched in June. Please feel free to visit our tutorials for a full overview of all the stats we provide.

We hope you will like those additional stats. Let us know what you think! You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook or at support(at)

New Nielsen Twitter Surveys for Brands

Nielsen and Twitter have announced surveys for brands that appear in follower’s timelines.  Find out how these new Twitter surveys can benefit brands in this edition of The Future of Engagement:

Video Highlights:

  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Increase engagement
  • Inquire about brand awareness

Similar to promoted tweets, Small Biz Trends described the new Twitter surveys this way:

“Brand surveys will appear as tweets from @TwitterSurveys within a user’s timeline on both desktop and mobile versions of Twitter, similar to how Promoted Tweets appear.”

While you can not see the surveys on the live @TwitterSurveys account because that account is currently protected, but you can see them at the SmallBizTrend link above.

Combining these new surveys with social media monitoring to find out what your customers really think and want will help you grow your business faster.


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